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Paraben-free * SLS-free * SLES-free * Phthalate-free * no synthetic dye or color * biodegradable * natural * mild * gentle * no toxic chemicals 

Can be used by the whole family.

We're good for you!

Head-to-toe baby wash for sensitive skin

No harmful accumulation of chemicals in the skin.

Featured Product: Wonder Wash

Does your child get itchies, redness or dryness on the skin? It might be because of the daily bath soap you are using.  A lot of our mommies have been asking for a regular bath soap that cleanses without stripping off the skin's natural protective layer, and that is mild enough to use everyday.

 Introducing Lab46 Skincare's WONDER WASH - with chamomile extract that soothes and calms the skin, aloe vera that moisturizes and combats inflammation, honey derivative to keep the skin supple and strong enough to combat outside pollution and bacteria, and plant-derived keratin to keep hair soft and manageable.

Surfactants aren't all that bad since they wash off dirt from the skin, but the kind of surfactant used should be fit for sensitive human skin for it to be beneficial.

WONDER WASH ensures an all-gentle formulation that uses no harsh chemicals.